Prayer Gathering

Saturday, October 20th 10am at Michele Bryant's home 150 Comanche St  Stephenville

Girls with Swords Book Club

Every Thursday 7pm at Beans & Franks, Stephenville



Life Changers Bible Study

Tuesdays 10am at 1190 CR 223 Stephenville 254-459-8007 October 16-Dec 18

Graham Cooke



Tuesday, May 15th 6:30pm LaQuinta Stephenville

Guest Speaker Shelia Hart Artt
Outrageous Grace Ministries
Shelia Hart Artt lives life with a passion and enthusiasm that is contagious. Her experiences have opened many exciting doors of opportunity to minister the Gospel of the Kingdom of God, as a pastor, conference speaker, Bible teacher and as a prophet and minister across the nation and internationally. Though she grew up in the Deep South with many traditional influences, Shelia, from the get-go had a question for everything that she encountered! Never satisfied with status-quo, her pioneering spirit has taken her places and nations that are both challenging and immensely rewarding. After 48-years of pastoral experience with her husband of 51-years, Aaron, Shelia is now enjoying seeing many of her life-long dreams being fulfilled. She is Lead Pastor at the Glory Barn in Branson, MO; writing a blog to encourage the Body of Christ; completing a book on her life story, and mentoring Kingdom Leadership. “Living the Outrageous Life” is not only her blog, but her life! 

Shelia is the mother of 5; grandmother of 7; author, speaker, radio hosts and musician. Check o­­­­ut her website @ www.OutrageousGrace.org

Tim Brown
will lead in a special time of Worship

Tim Brown
" God loves you so much He can't stand life without you! God is faithful and you can trust Him! He has an amazing plan for your life!"
Tim has always had a desire to minister. He preached his first sermon when he was only 15, and started singing, writing songs and playing guitar pretty early on too.
While at bible school he served as part of the Kenneth Hagin Ministries crusade team. He has also served as the associate and worship pastor for Victory Fellowship in Fredericksburg, Texas, where he and his wife, Chelsey were instrumental in helping start a two-year ministry school. He also hos...ted the annual Transcend Worship Conference for 4 years. In 2012 he released his debut album, Yellow Couch.
Tim is most passionate about helping people discover and fulfill their divine destinies. His motto is "loving people from where they are to where they are going." Through preaching, teaching, or leading worship he encourages them to know that God loves them and has a great plan for their lives. His favorite subjects are the ministry of the Holy Spirit in the life of the believer and the power of prayer.
For more information on Tim, visit his website www.timbrownministries.org

We all read about Israel in the Bible, we hear about Israel in the News and some of us even lift Israel in prayer daily. But have you ever met Israel?

Israel Media Ministries was founded in 2011 but the story begins way before that. In 1939, a 12 year old Jewish boy from Germany went on a ship on his way to the land of the Bible. This child’s name was Joseph.  A few years later his entire family, his parents and his three brothers and sisters were all killed in Auschwitz concentration camp. His youngest sister, Hadassah, who was born after Joseph’s departure, was assassinated by the Nazis when she was only 2 years old. But that wasn’t the end of Joseph’s family. Joseph got married to Ruth, a young Jewish woman who also came to Israel from Germany as a child. They met in Jerusalem on Israel’s Independence Day in 1955, when modern Israel was only 7 years old. When Joseph and Ruth had children they named them after Joseph’s parents. That’s how I got my name, Ze’ev.

Being a son of a Holocaust survivor and growing up in a secular Jewish family in Jerusalem, I never thought too much about God. After all, how can I believe in God after the Holocaust? Who would believe that today I am writing to you not just as a believer in God but as a believer in Jesus? I came to faith in Jesus (I usually call Him by His Hebrew name Yeshua) in 1999 when I was 27 years old.

At that time I already had 4 years of experience in advertising.  I worked in advertising companies in Israel and I was doing pretty well, including winning awards for several campaigns in annual Israeli advertising competitions. Advertising ideas came easy to me, it was obvious I had a gift in that area.

After my coming to faith in Yeshua I stayed in the Israeli advertising field for about 6 more years.  It was in 2006 that I felt I must do something more extreme to share Yeshua with the people of Israel.  That’s when I began to serve full time with an evangelistic organization in Israel. During those next 4 years of ministry, I was very enthusiastic about taking every opportunity to use a variety of media outlets for sharing the gospel in Israel and drawing people to Yeshua.  The media outreaches were very fruitful and led to many one-on-one visits with Israelis that were open to consider Yeshua as Israel’s promised Messiah.  I saw people from all spectrums of the Israeli society coming to saving faith in Jesus, secular, traditional, atheists, religious and even Holocaust survivors, including my own father! Joseph came to faith about a year before he passed away in 2010.

Then, one night, a very unusual thought came to me — I knew it was the Lord. That was the first time in my life where I can say that God gave me a personal vision. A vision uniquely tied to who He created me to be – to start a new ministry that will be all about reaching Jewish people in Israel through media and making them disciples of the Jewish Messiah. That was the moment when “Israel Media Ministries” was spiritually born.  A journey of faith began that day that took my family and I out of Israel for the sake of Israel.

Game Changers

Graham Cooke's Game Changers Bible Study, is an effective personal development open to all who want to change their game!'
Workbooks will cost $15.00 and they are a MUST for this class and will be given out at the first session. Please bring $15.00 to purchase your workbook. (let us know if cost is an issue, we don't want you to miss out)

As we begin this electrifying journey together, we will generate momentum within each individual that exposes and eradicates negativity, reframes our ways of thinking, and creates a new language that flows from the Fruit of the Spirit.

Lance & Chelsea Battenfield are believers from the Stephenville area. Lance is on rotation leading worship at Cottonwood Church in Dublin. He and his wife have a passion for worship, marriage & family, discipling brothers and sisters toward a deeper intimacy with the Holy Spir...it, and freedom ministry. They are high school sweethearts who have been married eight years and have three beautiful children. Lance led Chelsea to Christ when she was a freshman in high school. It was then that the Lord told them that they would be married. Lance and Chelsea have stuck to that word, even in the midst of sin, heartbreak, & pain. They come to share about the difficult time in their marriage when addiction tried to destroy their faith and how the God of Restoration changed everything! Come listen as they testify to the relentless love of Father God, to the freedom and healing that comes through our Savior, Jesus Christ, and to the overcoming power that is possible through the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit.

Tuesday, December 8th 7pmLa Quinta Stephenville
Guest Speaker Anoosh Bullock

is from the former Soviet Union, though she was born in Persia to an Armenian Christian family.  As a young girl, she heard the Gospel from her Godly grandmother and eagerly accepted Jesus as her Savior.  Anoosh ultimately fell in love with the American missionaries that she met who were ministering in her country.  A deep desire to come to America followed and Anoosh began to pray specifically to marry an American minister with blue eyes and blonde hair and travel around the world and share the Gospel together.  Despie often difficult and dangerous situations in countries that persecute beleivers, Anoosh never waviered in her faith for her miracle.  Anoosh quickly developed a burning desire to serve God, but her dreams were shattered when her father moved the entire family to their Homeland Russia – an atheistic, Communist country where Christians were routinely persecuted for their faith.  But even during the many years under the dark shadow of the Iron Curtain, Anoosh held fast to her faith, and became extremely active in the underground church leading many of her college professors and college students to Christ and to a deep abiding faith in the Lord. God answered her life-long dream when on November 14, 1976 she married Alan Bullock, a minister from Southern California.  Anoosh went on to graduate from a university in the Soviet Union with a Bachelor of Arts degree in linguistics and was an active member of the Underground Church where she was a strong witness for Christ.  While living in the Armenia, USSR, she both experienced and witnessed incredible miracles.  Today, Anoosh and her husband Alan travel across America and abroad, ministering in churches, mission conventions, retreats, and various other Christian events.  With the relevant, faith-building preaching of her husband and Anoosh’s personal testimonial experiences as part of the persecuted underground church in the former Soviet Union, they have encouraged the Body of Christ for over 30 years. In her testimony, Anoosh shares her vivid stories of walking miles in the bitter cold to worship God on a mountain with other Christians.  Often through tears, she relates how Bibles and Christian literature were so rare, she would tear out pages of her personal bible so others could read and learn and Christ Jesus. Above all, Anoosh is a living testimony to the faithfulness of God.

 In addition to the Soviet Union, Anoosh has also felt the sting of religious persecution in the Middle East, where her own brother-in-law, Rev. Haik Hovsepian, the General Superintendent of the Assemblies of God, died a martyr’s death.  Anoosh inspires gratitude when she reminds her audiences not to take their many freedoms for granted, particularly in a time when so many Christians in other countries are dying for their faith.

 Anoosh and her husband Dr. Alan Bullock have two grown children and reside in North Texas.  The Bullocks have appeared on The 700 Club, Trinity Broadcasting, and The Daystar Television Network and on numerous radio and television programs around the nation.  Anoosh continues to travel world-wide sharing her amazing testimony.

Alisa Jordheim is the Founding Director of Justice Society, a non-profit, that provides advocacy; awareness and social business opportunities for exploited and trafficked communities. She is the author of Made In the USA: The Sex Trafficking of America’s Children. Which is not just a book about human trafficking – but it’s also a book of HOPE and EMPOWERMENT. Made In the USA shares five compelling true stories of American children (4 girls & 1 boy) trafficked into the sex trade in the U.S. The stories were chosen to show the diversity of how American children are taken and held captive: from being trafficked by a family member, lured by a boyfriend, set-up by a friend, kidnapped and held hostage by strangers, to the plight of America’s homeless youth engaged in survival sex which frequently leads to trafficking. Each story shows a unique version of trafficking and collectively gives you a comprehensive picture of how traffickers operate in the US


Nolan Lewallen-resides near Stephenville, Texas and has 4 children and 5 grandchildren.  Nolan works as a pilot for American Airlines (Paul was a tent-maker, you know). He established Milk and Honey, Inc., a non-profit organization, in 1982. Through this ministry, he has published and distributed various Christian publications, including The Cowboy Pictorial Edition of the Bible, The Sports Edition of the Bible, Where’s My 100-Fold Return? A Troubleshooting Guide for the Discouraged Tither, and most recently, “I Will.” A Message of Healing for Today on CD. Nolan has also pastored a home church, ministered in a number of churches, and was a local chapter president of Full Gospel Businessmen’s Fellowship. He has also appeared on several Christian television programs, including The Herman and Sharron Show (Christian Television Network), The Bridge (Miracle Channel in Canada and NRB channel in the United States), and The Harvest Show (LeSEA Broadcasting Network).


Becky Hennesy

September 8th 2015 La Quinta Inn

Becky recognized herself a pastor’s wife at the age of 22 when she and husband, Jim, accepted the invitation to serve as pastors. Thirty-seven years and three churches later, Becky admits extraordinary peace and enthusiasm for the partnership of ministry with Jim. For most of those years, her role supported her husband’s dream, cheering various ministries, including small groups and Christian Education, but never quite finding the full expression of her own heart. Having received a specific call upon her own life, Becky wanted to “change the world” from her own uniqueness and anointing. Sheis a gifted teacher and minister. She communicates from her heart clearly and effectively and is presently serving as Co-Pastor of Trinity Church and Director of Women’s Ministry. Under her leadership meetings called “Girlfriends” have grown from approximately 250 to over 1400 in attendance. Various Women’s Bible Studies meet regularly and ministry for single mothers and widows has grown. “Women of Worth” Women’s Ministry clearly broadcasts a message of hope, crossing generations and cultures. Becky’s passion is to create a safe place for women to grow. For women to hear and learn about God’s fantastic will and plan for each individual woman and that each one finds her place of service to God, home and community. That Women of Worth would be a vehicle of transformation in our community, the marketplace and beyond as we embrace women from all walks of life. Living by a mandate of action to help women realize their value, purpose and destiny in God’s master plan.

She has also inspired various ministries and partnerships within the church, such as “Eradicating Poverty”, designed to help individuals learn practical steps to breaking the cycle of poverty in their lives. “Spending Yourself” is a ministry involving partnerships with area food pantries and community outreaches. “Hope Mansion” a home for women in crisis pregnancy that choose life for their unborn children, became a reality in 2011, Becky has served on the Board and been instrumental in many of the phases in bringing that entire vision into reality.

Guest Speakers: Lois & Kay-God’s recreative and restorative love continue to make “all things beautiful “in the life and ministry of rev lois baker. Lois has allowed the holy spirit to form her, like clay on the potters wheel, into a vessel of honor showing forth the masters glory. As a yielded vessel, refined and baptized with fire, lois has gone for the past 32 years wherever the lord sends her to share his message of hope and restoration. For the past 28 yrs. Lois has been accompanied in ministry by her friend and co-worker kay rindahl. Together they serve in a unique prophetic ministry with the gifts of the spirit flowing with confirmed accuracy. Kay operates in the word of knowledge and lois flows in ...the prophetic word and prayer. They have frequently been used to encourage pastors and churches and others in christian leadership, releasing them into greater levels of faith and anointing. Lois is a licensed and ordained minister and she and kay have been sent out as a prophetic team from their home church, selma worship center, selma ohio. Both lois and kay have been active for 30 +yrs. In aglow international. Having served on the local board, area boards as well as in areas of counseling and intercessory prayer. They have ministered at area retreats and conferences and aglow chapters throughout the united states sharing god’s word with the anointing and power of the holy spirit. God has opened many doors for ministry in churches of various denominations. They have spoken on radio and appeared on television in many states. Through their dedication to god, their love for his word and submission to the operation of the gifts of the holy spirit in their lives, lois and kay have witnessed thousands of lives changed, healed and restored by the power of god.
Ecclesiastes 3:1 “to everything there is a season and a time for every purpose under heaven.”

Meshali Mitchell  I believe the enemy not only lies to us about who we are, but also attempts to skew our view of who God is.   There’s nothing that affects our lives more than who we really believe God to be.  If we accept lies about who God is, that directly affects the view we have of ourselves and who we are in Him.  A HEALTHY IDENTITY IS SO IMPORTANT.  A strong Godly identity and knowing who we are in Christ is key to victorious living.   The enemy has come on a mission to steal from us, kill us from the inside out, and destroy every God given destiny.  The tool we use to combat his lies is the truth of God’s Word.  By learning what our Heavenly Father says about us, we can fight the enemy’s lies and grow closer to Jesus.

My prayer is that my life would speak of Jesus and His Hope and healing power for this generation.  Having been on a healing journey myself, I understand the pain of the wounded heart and believe whole-heartedly that Jesus is the remedy and His truth is the key that sets us free.  There is life after defeat and through Jesus, there can be nothing missing, nothing broken.  I believe that our past circumstances DO NOT have to define us or predict our future position.  God has made us new and there is purpose behind every bit of pain we’ve experienced when we put it into God’s loving hands.  There is no LIMIT to what He can do through a generation of women fully surrendered to Him.  God is in the processing with us, and He is writing beautiful stories all over this planet.

 March 3rd- Tim Barton at Cornerstone Church- 950 Glen Rose Rd Stephenville 7pm

Timothy is a speaker for WallBuilders www.wallbuilders.com, a national pro-family organization that presents America's forgotten history and heroes, with an emphasis on our religious, moral, and constitutional heritage. WallBuilders has been recognized from coast-to-coast for its work in education, history, law, an d public policy, integrating the elements of Biblical faith and morality throughout all aspects of American life and culture.

Tim excels in his various presentations on worldview, education, the truth of America's Godly heritage, and a variety of other topics. Pastors, seminars, churches, schools (both public and private), and youth conferences have been challenged and inspired by the information he presents. From elementary students to senior adults, Timothy gains the rapt attention of all with his unique presentation style and powerful content. While he engages and challenges the mind, his dynamic messages speak straight to the heart.

 Merrie Cardin- February 10th 7pmHoliday Inn 

Merrie’s heart is to see revival come to nations and to the church. For that purpose she travels, teaches and ministers in various capacities both nationally and internationally. With a passion to see the church in every sphere experience the joy and power of the Father’s voice she teaches schools of prophetic ministry and disciples people called to ministry. She is also active in planting new works and gatherings. She speaks the word of the Lord that heals from the root and restores.Merrie is a licensed ordained minister of the gospel and the leading apostle of Brazos Covenant Ministries and the Brazos Strategic Network. The Brazos Network is an alliance of leaders, intercessors and prophets called to pray and impact the region in various areas of influence. Brazos Covenant Ministries is a local gathering and Apostolic Center with a calling to align and train disciples in order to advance the Kingdom. In 2007 she was apostolically commissioned by International Breakthrough Ministries, Apostle Barbara Wentroble and Apostle Jim Hodges. In 2014 Glory of Zion commissioned Merrie commissioned an apostle to the nation. When asked what sustains her heart Merrie answers, “I have seen a move of God on the horizon that will not allow me to be passive. I must go to the nations and to His church and call our people to a brokenness, a trust and a humility that allows us to be entrusted with the fullness of Father’s heart until we are running across the land with His Spirit.”

Stuart Veldhuizen- January 13th 7pm

Stuart Veldhuizen is the owner of Veldhuizen Cheese of Dublin, Texas.  Growing up on a dairy farm in Minnesota equipped Stuart with the knowledge and love for the land and cows.  In January of 2000, along with his wife, Connie and seven children, they embarked on a cheesemaking journey. "It was a dream of ours that, with hard work and persistence, became a reality." said Stuart. Starting with small beginnings, offering one variety of cheese has grown to offer over 15 varieties of artisan raw milk cheeses. Today, with one child still at home and five grandbabies, Stuart and Connie, continue to work together on the farm to produce quality, real food for your table.  You will be inspired with the Joyful spirit Stuart shares, encouraging the body of Christ through real life stories of God's great provision. He wants to encourage others to do what God has told them to do and not quit!


December 9th 7pm

LA QUINTA 105 Christy Plaza, Stephenville

Guest Speaker- Michelle Peterson 

Michelle is an inspirational speaker who has spoken internationally. She feels the conviction to lead the body of Christ toward all that we have been called to in authority and anointing. She sees the great need to identify and call out gifting in others, as this will lead to signs, wonders, and miracles which glorifies Christ. The understanding of the Church as the Bride and Christ as the Bridegroom has pushed her to encourage believers to continually prepare for Christ’s second coming and to roll out the red carpet for His return. Michelle has felt the pains of this world and understands that loss and grief can easily cause a strong believer to lose the faith. She has a message that brings a "hope" to the body of Christ that can only come from such an experience. Through her own personal battles she has begun to realize that all we experience today is a part of our greater eternal picture and that the church must have a "hope" to bring to a world lost without it.

November 2014  NormaVandenberg 

has a warrior spirit, strong in the Lord, gifted in prayer and the prophetic.

“I love the Lord with all my heart and love to tell how great He is!!!”

Currently, Norma works in the healthcare profession, as she has for the past 30 years.   In addition to her compassion for healing bodies, Norma has compassion to heal the hearts that cross her path.

Norma understands the pain of rejection, being  unwanted by her mother and forced to grow up in foster homes that were not the best of Influencing forces. Through that pain, Jesus became her best friend and she grew to know Christ as her Savior. Norma married her college sweetheart and they ministered together for 35 years until he went home to be with Jesus.  Norma has experienced supernatural encounters with God, through that she ministers to children, teenagers, and women, telling her story of hope and miracles, through a sincere devout love for Jesus.

Norma has an adventurous spirit, enjoys life, is a mother of three and has three grandchildren, with one on the way.


OCTOBER 2014-Nolan lewallen- Pictured here in Israel at the Valley of Elah, where David slew Goliath. Nolan recently returned from a trip to Israel, of which he is passionate about, as is the heart of Aglow. He resides near Stephenville, Texas and has 4 children and 5 grandchildren. His wife of 38 years, Zandra, recently went to be with the Lord. Nolan works as a pilot for American Airlines (Paul was a tent-maker, you know). He established Milk and Honey, Inc., a non-profit organization, in 1982. Through this ministry, he has published and distributed various Christian publications, including The Cowboy Pictorial Edition of the Bible, The Sports Edition of the Bible, Where’s My 100-Fold Return? A Troubleshooting Guide for the Discouraged Tither, and most recently, “I Will.” A Message of Healing for Today on CD. Nolan has also pastored a home church, ministered in a number of churches, and was a local chapter president of Full Gospel Businessmen’s Fellowship. He has also appeared on several Christian television programs, including The Herman and Sharron Show (Christian Television Network), The Bridge (Miracle Channel in Canada and NRB channel in the United States), and The Harvest Show (LeSEA Broadcasting Network).